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38% of Facebook users have purchased something after liking, sharing, or commenting on it on Facebook (source).

Lookbook Cloud allows businesses to create interactive sliders as a part of their Facebook page. That slider (we call them “lookbook”) can contain product photos in the environment, for example for fashion brand it can be a photo of models , for furniture retailer – carefully designed living room. Each product on the photo can be market with hotspot (a tag, containing product name, price and link to learn more or buy). In our example with model you can place hotspots to her dress, handbag and shoes; with living room you can mark a coach, table plus chairs and shelves.

Product demo (sample lookbook integrated to Facebook page) – https://www.facebook.com/LookbookCloud/app_280686938737313

Facebook visitors can view slides not leaving their favourite social network, rollover hotspots to see basic information and finally click to links if they are interested to get more information or purchase a product. There is also a sharing facility, each slide can be share on Facebook user’s timeline, so great one have a potential to become viral.
Creation of lookbooks with Lookbook Cloud doesn’t require any programming skills, all you need are images that you can use, the rest is done via easy-to-use web interface.
Hence online retailers can present their product in much more compelling and engaging way and get better return to investments.


Lookbook Cloud targets online merchants, first of all fashion/apparel and homeware/furniture. The product is sold on subscription model with free and paid plans. Free plan allows you to create one lookbook with five slides.
Paid plans starts from $9.95 (plus GST for Australian customers) per month, so affordable for small and medium business. There is a 30 days free trial for paid plans, customers can test Lookbook Cloud and make sure that it works for them before paying (there is built-in statistic and possibility to embed Google Analytic code or use traceable URLs).

To install app you need to go to https://apps.facebook.com/lookbookcloud/

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